Step 2 – Adding a New Employee

This is for adding any employee to the software, Administrator, Supervisor, Crew Leader,
Auditor and employee on a crew.

Step #1 Click Employees on the left side menu (Red Box) #

Step #2 Click Add Employees #

Step #3 Add all the employees information and click save #

Employee No. – This is optional and the number is unique to your company

First Name – Add their first name

Last Name – Add their last name

Crew – Select a crew if this employee is assigned to a crew. You must crews first be you can
assign an employee to a crew.

Administrator – This is a paid user role, full access to everything. Billing, plan changes, credit card info and all employee data.

Supervisor – This is a paid user role, they don’t have access to billing, plan changes or credit.

Crew Leader – This is a paid role, crew leaders and only see there schedules and add time to Time Tracking.

Auditor – This role is included on all plans, this role can only view and download data. They can not make any changes at all.

No Selection – If you don’t make a selection the employee is automatically defaults as a employee. You have unlimited employee roles is all pains.

Step #4 Employees is now on the list #

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