About Pro Crew Schedule

Pro Crew Schedule is a cloud-based construction management software for construction professionals who are looking to take control of their scheduling, dispatching, and time tracking.

The grind of managing your crews and day-to-day operations no longer has to take away from the tasks of growing your business. Take control of your schedules. Facilitate dispatching at the touch of a fingertip with our easy to use platform.

We designed this software with everyone in mind: from computer savvy office staff, to the busy crew leaders working in the field on your projects that demand their attention.

Our built-in time tracking feature allows your crew leader to log their entire crew’s hours with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to guessing or worse, relying on scribbled notes written on the back of scraps of paper.

You can rest easy, knowing that inputted time is accurate as we have built-in checks and balances. Supervisors need only to review and approve time before submitting them for payment.

Our Story

We built this software to address the needs of our own construction company. We grew tired of inefficiency. We found that the day-to-day management of the company was eating countless hours that could be devoted to growing the company and keeping our crews busy with new projects. We looked everywhere, but there was nothing on the market. Nothing that fills the need we had for an all in one dispatching solution. So we did what we had to. We built it ourselves.

We started building the first version of this software twelve years ago. It was our in-house secret, our ace in the hole. And with each passing year, with countless hours of using the software for our needs which we intended it to serve, we improved it with features and new tools in every new version.

This construction management software is truly built by contractors for contractors. We are not just a Silicon Valley startup with no construction experience. We live and breathe construction. It’s what we do. This is our way of letting us do what we do better. More efficiently. With less stress.

We understand the skill level of your employees, from top to bottom, because your employees are our employees, and we’ve worked with them for twenty years. That’s why we realized early on, for a piece of software to work, it needs to work for everyone, from the CEO, to the man lacing up his boots for the first time to go out in the field. We have designed it to work with EVERYONE in your company, because that’s what we wanted for our company.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple. We want to help you the way we helped ourselves. We want to improve the efficiency and increase the profitability of your construction company. Because success is a group effort. We can do it, together.

Our Milestone

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